Health Home Page

School Nurse: Mrs. Mary Conner
PT Nurse Secretary: Mrs. Mary Dello Russo
973-637-1552 (phone)
973-539-0628 (fax)

Please note, absences should be reported on the absentee line: 973-637-1554.
Please be specific as to the reason for absence.  If it involves illness, include the nature of the ailment.

Information about Enterovirus-D68 - click here

Please be sure to check in with the school nurse if your child has any specific health needs.  Also, be sure to provide her with all necessary paperwork and doctors' orders.  Please note, students may not self-administer any medication (including OTC Advil or Tylenol).  
The only time a student is able to self-administer medication is when a doctor writes a self-administer order for an inhaler.  We ask that you please notify the school nurse to make her aware of any changes in your child’s health, including any medication he/she may be taking.

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